Favorite Tweets from 2015 (Science and Tech Edition)

I “favorite” a lot of tweets throughout the year.  Sometimes because they were just awesome tweets, sometimes because it was a great article and sometimes just because I need more time to read it later.  As 2015 comes to a close, I bring you some of the science and technology themed tweets I found in my favorites list. ‏

@WIRED, Jan 30
1974, when a computer ordered a pizza for the first time http://wrd.cm/1uKpA9i

@Idealaw, Feb 16
The digital black hole: will it delete your memories?  http://bit.ly/1AfeTjM

‏@SFGate, Mar 11
Odds increasing that huge quake will hit California http://sfg.ly/18bwijC

‏@MicrosoftSB, Mar 14
Outrageous 1985 tech fantasies from Back to the Future II that are today’s reality: http://msft.it/60182BJk

@ch9, Mar 14
Taste of Premier: The Future of Technology – A Look into Predictions and Trends that will drive the Future of Tech http://dlvr.it/8ytYhS

‏@WinObs, Apr 8
Make Your IT Department Run Like a Lean Startup http://clkon.us/1FiIX32

‏@richcampbell, Apr 17
Integrate your on-premises infrastructure with Azure http://ow.ly/2XvghA

‏@concentrateddon, Apr 21
Jeffrey Snover’s “State of #PowerShell” address from #PSHSummit is now live > http://ow.ly/LVj5A

‏@WIRED, Oct 21
You wouldn’t think it, but typeface piracy is a big problem http://wrd.cm/1LowcVd

‏@martin_casado, Nov 5
Wow, this is actually a pretty awesome view of SDN history.  I may quibble a bit, but generally very good : http://go.bigswitch.com/rs/974-WXR-561/images/The%20Path%20To%20SDN%20Final.pdf

‏@mattvogt, Nov 16
The Shady World of Repair Manuals: Copyrighting for Planned Obsolescence

@WIRED, Nov 24
Physicists are desperate to be wrong about the Higgs Boson http://bit.ly/1HkHGuz

@jsnover, Dec 7
Down on the cloud server farm: Why the future of hardware is all about chickens – and eggs http://zd.net/1NdXw7j  via ZDNet & @sbisson

‏@jasonhand, Dec 14
Excellent read (e-book) from @Atlassian on #DevOps:

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Like Gaming? Check out this episode of OEM TV

Yung Chou welcomes Eric Ackerson from Acer to share with us their latest in gaming tech, the Predator G series line, which includes desktops, laptops and monitors. Tune in as they cover these amazing devices (which run on Windows 10!) and learn how you can experience the very best in gaming.

  • [0:36] Tell us about Acer and the Predator G series.
  • [1:30] Why should we consider Predator G? What’s Acer’s vision for gaming?
  • [10:35] Where can I find more information? 


Noticed the Update?

Since it’s a holiday week, I figured it’s a good time to throw the switch and cut over to a fresh blog platform.  I opted for the “simplicity” of wordpress.com, partly because “everybody is doing it”.  I’ve know people who are really familiar with designing for WordPress, people who used to work at WordPress and since I don’t want to overthink it, well, here I am. 🙂

I did toy with the idea of hosting my own instance of WordPress on Azure, but the reality of life means that I really can’t be worried about the “webmastering” of the whole thing.  I really just wanted it “as-a-service”.  I want some widgets and some columns and the ability to type and post.  That’s it. Nothing crazy.

Anyway, let me know what you think of the new design.  I’ll be doing more tweaks and updates over the next few weeks, I’m sure!



Goodbye November.

November seemed like a pretty busy month for me, so I’m looking forward to starting off a more relaxing holiday season, where I can get caught up with friends, family and abandoned side projects!  I was doing a lot of presentations at a variety of places this past month and I know many of you might have asked for access to slides and various content.

If you’ve attended any of the “Ignite Your Business” events for Windows 10, you can find content related to that at: http://aka.ms/ITInnovationResources

If you’ve seen me at:

  • LearnIT! (San Francisco, 10/31)
  • Silicon Valley Code Camp (San Jose, 10/3)
  • Central CA .NET User Group (Fresno, 11/19)
  • IC3 DevOps Conference (San Jose, 10/10)

You can find those presentations on docs.com: https://docs.com/jennelle-crothers/5543/presentations

Upcoming Events… Cool Stuff, In Person!

Are you in the Portland area?  Are you a SharePoint fan?  A favorite MVP of mine, Zubair Alexander will be presenting at SharePointlanda 2015 this coming Saturday (Nov 14th).  You can still join him!

Not into SharePoint? Are you thinking about Windows 10 for your enterprise instead?  I’ve got you covered for that too…  My fellow Tech Evangelists are hitting a bunch of cities across the US over the next several weeks.  Boston, Atlanta, Philly, Dallas, to name just a few.  Learn more at Ignite Your Business.

And for you folks who are stuck in the office, check out Part 7 of Blain Barton’s “To The Cloud” series! Blain Barton welcomes Microsoft MVP Adnan Cartwright to the show as they discuss the inner workings of Server Manager in Windows Server 2012 R2 and how you can manage roles and features in the cloud.

  • [10:04DEMO: Introduction to Server Manager

If you’re interested in learning more about the products or solutions discussed in this episode, click on any of the below links for free, in-depth information:

Websites & Blogs:


Blain Barton’s “To the Cloud” Series Continues!

In Part 6 in the “To the Cloud” series, Blain Barton, Tommy Patterson and Dan Stolts, provide an overview of the benefits of running servers without the physical hardware using Microsoft Azure.   Learn how large and small to mid-sized companies can rent compute, storage, and networking resources by using datacenter hardware to deploy virtual machines (VMs).

  • [10:25DEMO: Azure Virtual Machine Gallery

If you’re interested in learning more about the products or solutions discussed in this episode, click on any of the below links for free, in-depth information:

Websites & Blogs:


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